I was born here, but my parents are from Vietnam. School is harsh there. The teachers hit you with a ruler or put you in the sun all day if you do something bad. You can buy an ox to carry the stuff you grow to the market. The huts in Vietnam don’t have electricity so you can only cook over a fire. In Vietnam taking a bath is pouring water over your head or swimming in a lake.

My mom and dad didn’t want a life of misery for me so they had to move to America. My dad had to leave my grandpa in the Vietnam war. My dad now gets mad if you even talk about war. My grandma died of liver cancer. My mom gets mad if we talk about sickness.

When my parents first came to America they saw really nice people. They joined a class where they teach you how to speak English. I never got a chance to meet my grandpa or relatives in Vietnam. I don’t know what my grandpas’, grandmas’, uncles’, or aunts’ names are.  My mom and dad worry about why they left the rest of my family.  I worry about my parents.

by Brian, 4th grade

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