I am from the Middle East where the Arabs roam.
I am from kebabs and hummus,
spaghetti and shrimp.
I am from Azhar and Abzar,
some good old friends.
My brothers are from them, too.

I am from a whole family tree
sprouted in the little country Iraq.

I am from a father who works
with a brush and canvas.
I am from a mother who studies how
to make change and say,

“Thank you for your service.”

I am from Anab and Zaid,
two good siblings.
I am from a family of oil-black hair.
All my ancestors at my age had this crow oil hair.

I am from Arabian eyes.
Call them brown,
call them black,
but they are truly Arabian,
one hundred percent.

by Yasmeen, 4th grade

Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on Sunny 99.1KPFT 90.1, and KTRU 96.1 by Donald, WITS Youth Advisory Council Student. The background music is “Oriental Arabian Hip Hop” by Yeah Beats. Produced by Susan Phillips.

Poem a Day is made possible in part by H-E-B, Copy.com, The City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, Texas Commission on the Arts, KPFT 90.1, Sunny 99.1, and KTRU 96.1.

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