My soul is an instrument with keyboards.
It is a piano with a cushioned piano seat.
Every time I’m in position to play a song,
The song floats and fades into the sky.

My spirit is like a swan
Gliding peacefully,
White feathers on lakes and ponds,
Swimming with impeccable manners.

By Rachael, 4th grade
[photo by Chi Lui via flickr]

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  1. Lucy Sherman

    What a great poem for a 4th grader named Rachel Lee
    What wonderful parents she has to instill in her the value of education, exploring, intermingling with such a diverse society and the value of life itself. She will make her way in the world just fine, I have no doubts.
    I’m the International Host Grandmother and happy to be so.
    Love you, Rachel, keep up the good work.


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