Mother says to go and play because she is ready to make supper. So I decided to collect my coins and go to the corner store. When I got to the corner store, I went to the bakery and got a fresh chocolate cookie and a cup of sweet lemonade. After I paid, I went to the park and ate my food. I noticed that I had 10 coins left. I went back to the corner store and got a wooden play set for my cotton baby doll to play with.

I got my things and went home. I told my mother what I got at the corner store and went to my room. I opened my wardrobe, got my doll and set it on the table. I closed my wardrobe and sat at my table. I went to the closet and got my basket of scraps. I started making clothes and blankets for the wooden play set.

I also made some hangers out of wire. I found the bar where you hang the hangers. I put the clothes on my hangers. After that I heard my mother call me for supper. I ate all of my soup and crackers, and I ate my cookie. Then I went back to my room and played with my toys. After I played with my toys, I got my book and read for a while. It had been a great day!

by Erin,  3rd grade
Condit Elementary

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