At night when everything is still,
you can hear the twinkling of the

At night when everything is quiet,
you can hear the moon reflecting off
your window,

At night when everything is clear,
you can hear the earth go round and
the gravity pushes you into your bed,

At night when everything is magic,
you can hear the trees whispering among

At night when everything is forgotten,
you can hear spiders tickling
each other.

by Addie, 3rd Grade

No Responses to “Night”

  1. kaThLeen

    i love the magical serenity a night brings…

    keep writing young fella. mwah. 🙂

  2. Richard

    That was so good – maybe the best post on the site! Congratulations and a laurel wreath to this young poet!

  3. mariacristina

    The anaphora is well done here, as is the formation of the lines. There’s a great attention paid to rhythm and sound. I would love to hear this poem recited by the author.

    My favorite line is of gravity pushing you into the bed. I haven’t thought about those kinds of feelings for a long time.


  4. Ofira Sephiroth

    I agree with stan ski. Most of the time I just fall into bed and pass out, never paying attention to the rhythms of the night – something I’m going to have to start doing.


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