Here are notes from Sherry Dubin, the Site Supervisor at the Creative Writing Camp in southwest Houston:

As site supervisor at The Shlenker School I get to see the power of Creative Writing Camp on a daily basis. I see it in the faces of the children as they arrive each morning eager to begin their day. I see it in the beautiful Color Poems authored by kindergarten children and the dramatizations of original stories that the first graders proudly perform. I see it in the third graders creating self portrait collages inspired by nature with eloquent descriptions, such as “My eyes are stars from the deep blue sky.” I see the power of camp in the second graders as they collaborate, rewriting a familiar song while the fifth and sixth graders use metaphors to describe themselves (“I am a clever fox hunting in a green forest trying to find a rabbit…or at least a friend”). I see it in the fourth grade students who gather together in small groups, collaboratively writing scripts to perform or creating individual Erasure Poems.

Children at camp thrive as they explore good literature, diverse genres, new authors, and all types of creative expression. They see themselves as writers. They are engaged, enthusiastic, and excited to share their writing. For teachers, writers, parents, and children, Creative Writing Camp is a gift…three weeks to discover or rediscover their writer’s voice, experience the pleasure of writing, and just have fun.

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  1. MK

    This is fabulous, Sherry! A wonderful, concise piece (slice?) of life at Creative Writing Camp. Thanks for sharing and being the best site coordinator/Shlenker campus’s biggest fan!


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