2 This week at Travis Elementary MaryScott and I were treated to some comedic performances, written and directed by none other than the Travis kids. With the majority of their comics finished, MaryScott suggested it’d be fun to see these comics in motion. We gave both classes 10-15 minutes to add any finishing touches to their pieces, write up a quick script, and then rehearse it within their groups.

1One after the other, the students performed their comics. Three girls, who illustrated themselves into their comic as wide-eyed hamsters, read for their own characters from a script while holding up their comic for the audience to view. Another group, a boy and a girl writing about a dinosaur driving a go-kart, read the dialogue from their comic while a friend acted it out.

3After the hour was up, MaryScott and I headed to the next class, which had more time to rehearse than the first did. Here, the students rehearsed blocking and movement, while making their own props from construction paper and using the acoustics of the classroom to their advantage. Many of the students were cast in multiple skits, from playing a unicorn in one to a wizard in the next. The first group to perform had nine different students involved – one of which was fortunate enough to play a math teacher that sounded just like Mr. T. Another group, an all girls group composed of mythical creatures battling against a baby dragon, used self-made props to enhance their piece – from a vibrant and papery fireball to a rainbow striped unicorn horn.

Until next time,

Eriel, WITS Intern

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