The sleek stem
grass green
and tall
and the
petals are like
jewels on a
queen’s crown.
Like diamonds,
even prettier
than ever.
Like a
disco ball,
giving light
to the room.
Like stars,
through the
The crisp,
green leaves
are like
in the sun.
Like deep,
green eyes
staring right
at yours.
Ode to
a daisy,
my favorite
The beautiful
ones in my

by Rachel, 5th Grade

photograph by Salama via flickr

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  1. Christine Bruinewoud

    Dear Rachel,
    I think your poem is lovely. I was looking for a poem or verse about daisies to write in a birthday card for my cousin. The card is a beautiful photograph of daisies in close-up. I have written out your poem inside and of course told her where it came from. I thought your poem would be the one she would enjoy most out of all the ones I found.
    Thank you very much, I hope you continue writing.
    Best wishes from Christine Bruinewoud
    (The Netherlands)

  2. mariacristina

    Great poem, Rachel. What a wonderful idea, to compare a flower to a disco ball. Who doesn’t love a disco ball? Your poem is fine and delicate, and is worthy of the daisey you describe so tenderly.


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