The ball flies off the bat
As if to touch the stars
I start to trot
To first base
The ball clears the fence
With ease
My fist goes into the air
In excitement
The crowd roars
For I just won the game
With one swing of the bat
I round second
Then third
Finally home plate
The team greets me at home
With congratulations
And high fives
I am the hero
I just won the game with
My first homerun.

By George
[photo by beaucoup_fish via flickr]

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  1. Sarah

    Congratulations on this poem your first home run. I written a home run poem: Home Run Care 6-24-2006.

  2. steve gager

    awesome homeruns are the best i hit like 50000000000 and going on 90000000000000000000


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