You’re delicious and nutritious,
and when I open you,
you show me a flower
with five seeds
planted inside.
You’re as soft as silk
and when I make pie crust
to put you in,
I gently put you down.
And it feels like I am wrapping you in a blanket.
You are healthy and
good for my body.
When I bite into you
it feels like a thousand doves swooped me up
and I was lifted to heaven.
You’re so wonderful
and make me joyful.

By Emma, 3rd grade
[photo by _poseidon_ via flickr]

No Responses to “Ode to Apples”

  1. sandra fairfield

    You make me want to eat a apple….but study and
    think about the apple before I eat it.

  2. Khushi

    Hey good one Emma
    I loved it
    I even want to share my poems
    And want your all to give me feedback
    If you have read my message pls. Reply.


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