Brown and rich
Better than gold and silver
Melts in your mouth
Some dark, some not
Wonderful so wonderful
Wrapped up in its wrapper
Waiting for me
Oh chocolate I love you so much.

By Addison, 3rd grade
[photo by eszter via flickr]

9 Responses to “Ode to Chocolate”

  1. Mrs. Williams' Third Grade Class

    We love your poem, Addison! You are the best and a wonderful poet, and as sweet as chocolate. We love chocolate too!

  2. Melony**

    omg i no.
    so many people say things are “ode to this” and “ode to that”
    when they are just free verse or rhyming poems!

  3. xoxo gr.8 rox my sox

    omg, this is not an ode.
    this is just a free verse!
    an ode is 10 lines and with the rhyme scheme “ababcdecde”.
    this is a pretty good free verse for a grade 3 kid, but you should not call it an ode. XD

    • Robin Reagler

      You’re right that in classical poetry odes had that rhyme scheme. You must be a literary historian! But these days many poets write free verse odes like this one. Pablo Neruda’s Elemental Odes are famous examples of the free verse version. Thanks for reading and commenting on this blog, Robin

  4. lola noifnagle

    wow omg that is really good for someone in 3rd grade you should be proud of yourself give yourself a pat on your back. xxx

  5. hickchick96

    I love it!! Chocolate is sooo dreamy, your poem had me craving chocolate!!!! Great work!


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