Lying in her padded home
she blissfully waits and sleeps.
Surrounded by rags and grease,
she dreams of high B flats.

She awakens to blinding light
and just like a teenager
pleads to sleep some more.
But taken from her padded house and grease and rags
she comes fluidly together.

A few warm ups to stretch the toes
and get her blood flowing.
She wakes up
Like a teacher who’s had her morning cup of coffee.

Notes spin
and weave
and run cleverly up and down the staff.
She knows she can play it all
if only this girl who makes her sing
would practice a little more often.

Christine is a teacher.
She’s taught this girl many things.
How to be patient
and just a bit rowdy
to know when to laugh
to know when to cry
to know when to leap
and when to fall.

By Emalie, 11th grade
[photo by leandre ouvreture via flickr]

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  1. Jennifer

    What a great site! I teach with California Poets in the Schools ( and your site is truly inspirational. Where are you??

    • Kristina McDonald


      Thank you for your comment! We’re always glad to help out fellow writers/teachers. We are Writers in the Schools and we’re located in Houston, Texas.

      Good luck with your classes!

  2. Gregory

    Dear Emalie,
    I have a niece in Toronto Canada. She is a Trombonist (like yourself)- She has her Birthday Today as she turns 23. She occasionally gets to travel to places like New Orleans. Once Davos Switzerland (Music Festival type appearances in her band the ‘Happy Pals.
    I chanced upon your little poem or Ode and as a former Trumpeter I personally can appreciate the idea of actually ‘naming’ your companion that has become so instrumental in your growth and blossoming into a young woman – One of such obvious verve and pluck. I am going to send ‘Lindsay’ (my niece) a copy of your Ode with my (our)sincere admiration and many thanks. WITS is also to be congratulated – I hope you read this some day and know how your entry reached out and touched with such Aloha. [email protected]


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