My dogs bark and bark as if they see a ghost, but actually I feel joy once I open the door.

I feel love once I touch my dogs. I am sure they do too.

It seems scary things and evil is being pulled away when I am face to face with my shining dogs. Shining like stars in the night sky and the light the sun gives us, my dogs run toward me. When they get hurt I feel my heart bri-said-sit.jpgeak….

I will always love my shield dogs.

Evil is too weak to take my love away.

by Jeong, 3rd grade
Condit Elementary

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  1. philosophyoflife

    The joy of one’s dogs and the realisation of the undying love between master and pet.

    I so luv “Evil is too weak to take my love away”.

    So beautiful and strength of character.

    Well done.

  2. Laura Helper-Ferris

    I am reading this poem on the bed with my own loving, shining dogs. Thank you for this beautiful poem, which says things I have thought & felt in words that I would not have found myself!


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