The warm air.
The bright sun.
The flowers coming from everywhere.
The cold water like ice in the pool.
The shining fish in the water.
The people on boats fishing.
The beach way.
The people splashing in warm water.
The people surfing on the waves-it feels like flying through the air.
The birds flying in the air to their nests tweeting.
People playing.
The smooth wet sand.
The white seagulls.
The animals all around.
Summer is the best season of all.

by Jack, 3rd grade

No Responses to “Ode to Summer”

  1. Melanie-bd

    This poem is really “summer” at it’s most pure essence. Thank you for sharing such a breezy look at summer.


  2. christine

    Jack, after reading your poem I’ve decided to leave my computer for a while and see if I can go experience some of the joyful scenes you recreate here.

  3. Now Poon

    wow a 3rd grader wrote this??? I love it. You should be really proud of the transformation of creativity applied to writing at that age. Wonderful effort Jack!

  4. R.Marler

    I really like this poem. It really captures the highlights of summer. Plus, you’re only a 3rd grader, & that’s remarkable that you can do that.


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