Non-profit organization Narrative is an online literary arts group that features the free publication Narrative Magazine.

Narrative also sponsors Literary Puzzler, a weekly challenge and mini-contest for creative writers. This week’s Puzzler, the first of 2010, ask writers to submit their best six-word story that contains a full narrative arc. The challenge deadline is next Monday, January 18. Here are some examples provided by Narrative:

“Poision; meditation; skiing; ants—nothing worked.”
—Edward Albee

“Corpse parts missing. Doctor buys yacht.”
—Margaret Atwood

“I still make coffee for two.”
—Zak Nelson

In addition to their ongoing acceptance of literary works for their magazine, Narrative is currently hosting a Winter 2010 Story Contest. The submission deadline is March 31, 2010, and they accept all types of fiction and creative nonfiction. First Prize is $4,000. Visit their website for more details about the contest and how to submit your work.

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