I will put in my box
A giant greenish-blackish tree
Sparks from a pistol
The cries of thousands of people
I will put in my box
The founder of Pakistan
The books of the year
The uniforms of people who died in wars
I will put in my box
A beautiful day of Independence
A taste of victory
Sounds of firecrackers
I will put in my box
Celebration of our heroes
Sights of our people happy
A view of my grandfather’s garden–he died studying those books
My box is made of brown, old papers, papers of Independence
I will celebrate my country in my box with my family.
I will play cricket in my box forever!

by Mahid, 5th grade

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  1. P

    Enlightening.The child speaks her mind-honest and lucid.I hope people in India and Pakistan have their eyes and ears open and work to break the divide.Or is it just the lack of political will on both sided that is keeping us apart?


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