According to John Gerard,

Peony seeds glow in the dark.

My church teacher,


Shines liker her name.

She glows like a peony seed

In the dark.


Teaches me so many things.

When I don’t go for something,

She encourages me to.

When I accomplish something,

She congratulates me.

When I fight for something,

She cheers me on.


Is always there for me,


No matter where she is.


Glows in the dark,

Just like a peony seed would.


By Eun-Bit, 7th grade

[photo by love_child_kyoto via flickr]

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  1. Florence McGinn


    I came upon your poem during some education web research today! Your poem conveys sensitivity and emotion. Bravo!
    Poet Naomi Shihab Nye wrote that “Poetry is a conversation with the world.”

    Keep on writing and make that conversation come alive!


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