I love to eat broccoli, and I love to eat spinach.
I really hate candy, especially chocolate.
But most of all, I really love getting poked.
I miss waking up to the kangaroos at my window.
Going to the fair makes me sick to my stomach,
but going to school is really exciting and cool.
I really like to be bitten on the ear by my little dog, Toast,
but when he doesn’t bite me, I get really sad.
I don’t like to hang out with my friends.
I just like to be alone.
Instead of playing video games, I spend hours at the mall with my mom.
I really love going to the dentist, especially when I get a root canal.
I hate going camping, especially making s’mores,
but if I get bitten by a badger, it’s not so bad.
I hate sunny and bright days,
but when it’s raining miserable,
it’s oh-so delightful.
I hate to take baths. I just like to stink.
I really hate rollerblading and riding my bike.
It’s just a big HULLABALOO!
Instead of doing all that junk,
I just like to clean the house
and do all those chores.
The thing that I really, really, really love
is to slam against the wall constantly
until I see all these different colors.

by Dean, 5th grade

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