bronwyn_lewis-collage-girlspeak.jpgGirlSpeak is a pro-woman, web-based literary and visual art magazine that provided a platform for young women and male allies ages 12-22. They showcase original work by an international readership.

GirlSpeak is a respectful, diverse, and empowered space, as well as a reference for everyday life. We aspire to model self-knowledge, awareness of the world around us, and activism through art.

With GirlSpeak, you’re free to submit a diverse range of work without
traditional media boundaries. They welcome essays, poems and prose, as well as paintings, sculpture, audio recordings, short films, journal entries,
photographs, or any other work you are proud of. Submitting is free and easy and there are no limits on the number of submissions.

Email your work to:
girlspeak(at) [replace (at) with @]

You can also mail your work to:
Young Chicago Authors c/o GirlSpeak
1180 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60622

Remember to include your age, school, address and phone number, email address, and a brief bio.

(collage art by bronwyn lew via GirlSpeak)

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