The hardest thing for a writer to do, I’ve always maintained, is to face the daunting white landscape of the blank page. And yet we WITS writers ask our students to take on this fearsome task with each classroom visit. For rising to that occasion, I thank these young writers whose work populates this blog.

Readers, you play an important role also. I am grateful and proud that there are so many who visit A Poem A Day regularly to read the work of our intrepid young writers. Writers aren’t much without readers. Thank you for coming here to read these poems and stories.

Even better, so many of you faithful readers have cared enough to comment on these young writers’ creations, providing encouragement and support as well as appreciation. I want to thank our commentors especially for taking the time to make this blog into not just a publication, but a conversation about young people and their work. The community at Totally Optional Prompts, including Tumblewords, Paisley, Gautami Tripathy, Crafty Green Poet, Linda Jacobs and Mariacristina, has been incredibly supportive through their commentary and deserves a hearty virtual pat on the back as well.

Today is Blog Reader Appreciation Day 2008. Thanks to all of the readers and writers who make A Poem A Day possible. Pardon the pun, but quite literally, we wouldn’t be here without you.

posted by Tria Wood, Writers in the Schools

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  1. mariacristina

    I love the poems here. Wynton’s poem, above is gorgeous in its honesty, simplicity, and flow. The poems you post here are never pretentious. The kids seem to be in touch with themselves and their reality. They express themselves with courage.

  2. whypaisley

    thank you ever so much for the shout… but i want to make sure you know it has always been my distinct pleasure to visit you here… i am forever inspired by what i find here…..


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