robot.jpgThe first graders I work with are learning about 3-D shapes. They created robots using cereal boxes and two liter soda bottles. I decided to let these robots serve double duty. The robots were going to be characters in a three part story that would be structured as follows:

Beginning –Describe the robot.

Middle –Pretend you bring the robot home, which causes a problem.

End –Describe how you fix the problem.

As with any decent writing exercise, the students managed to take their stories into directions I hadn’t imagined possible. Here’s one example.

The Vicious Robot!

Once we made robots in school. My robot looks like a monster, also vicious! Then I made a spell and the robot came to life!!! The problem began when I brought it home. The robot said, “I’ll make a rocket for you and I’ll send you to Neptune, but first I’ll let you take three jackets, gloves, hats, socks, and boots.”

Then he sent me to Neptune in the rocket. It was as freezing as one hundred pieces of big ice. Then I saw an ice cream truck that was almost frozen and an alien was driving it. I bought some ice cream with alien money and he took the rocket and sent me to China where people speak Chinese. They didn’t understand me. So they sent me back to Houston.

I fixed the problem by making another spell that would make my robot nice. He said, “Sorry, I won’t do that to you again.” After that he helped with the chores by washing the laundry and making the bed, and it made my life easier.

By Avrami, 1st Gradewits-blog-pics-007.jpg

posted by Amy Lin, Writers in the Schools

(Photo by bitrot via flickr)

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