Pain isn’t meant to be held in your arms;
Not meant to turn your palms red with cuts;
Not meant to puncture your heart.
And yet you let pain live within you. . .

I cannot forever be your medicine –
I am the morphine.
Not the cure.

Let your wounds heal. Let the hurt escape.

You must rest.

Bearing your life in a plastic bag that has a tear –
It could leak any second.
And yet, we can find no thread to mend it.
I will not let you spill onto the pavement
But sometimes I feel my fingers slipping
And wonder if I’ve grown too tired to care.

Replace your broken boards. Let the hurt escape.

You must rest.

Every ticking second is precious;
Every moment and memory is alive.
Your life, the one I know you cannot love or hate, is fading
And brightening, surging and flickering.
But what will I do when the blackout comes?

Recharge yourself. Let the hurt escape.

You must rest.

By Alexander, 10th grade

submitted to the Edgar Allan Poe exercise at Totally Optional Prompts

[Photo by SpoiltCat via Flickr]

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  1. lirone

    Wow – powerful stuff! The repetition of “let the hurt escape” works beautifully – just the way that, when reassuring someone, you end up keep saying the same soothing words until they are able to listen. Good work, Alexander!


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