roller coaster

Catch the breeze,
clack, clack, clack
up the tracks to the
rack at the top of
the hill, still

black silence with
no violence, heart
pounding, hounding
the air with a pair
of butterflies

suddenly, herking
and jerking, forwards,
backwards, then
dropping from the top,
plopping and flopping

my head bopping, nerves
on the curves, the
speed swooshing like
the wind, looping and
swooping and the need

to stop before I pop off
the top
but still another hit of
loops, round and
round, a blur of motion

like the ocean, rolling
and dropping, down and
down, then turning into
more loops like
hoops, racing towards

the exit, jerking, herking,
and plerking, dizzy and
zizzy, swaying and stumbling,



by Javier, age 15
photo by Johann Espiritu via flickr

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