It’s the very last day of school.

Everybody, I mean everybody is silently counting in their heads and hoping 10 seconds is all that is left.

You see, it’s the last day of school.

One, wondering how long this would take.

Two, silently praying for a good summer.

Three, still praying.

Four, oh my gosh, I’m getting impatient.

Five, really just 5 seconds left in class.

Six, unbearable to speak, only the clock ticking can be heard.

Seven, deep breathing heard along with the clock.

Eight, deep breaths.  Huuu Haaaa.

Nine, sucking in stomachs.

Ten, about to run outside, but the bell didn’t ring.

Eleven?  Oh well, one second off.

Rinnngggggg!  Yaaaa!  School’s OUT!  Everyone runs outside to the playground.  Summer has started!

By Isabella, 3rd grade

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