I touched the magic pool of water and closed my eyes. The wind blew past my hair, whoosh. When I opened my eyes, I was in the forest!

I walk through a tangle of vines and branches. Aware of every detail around me, I listen to the wind whispering the secrets of the jungle, shhhh. I bend down, sniffing the delicate scent of the flowers.

As I rest in pleasure, a gentle rain starts to fall, plink, plink, plink. The combination of the fresh drizzle and the sweet honey tastes wonderful. When the drizzle stops, I can smell the warm, moist air and feel the wet leaves and soft ground. Feeling calm and pleasant, I lie down to rest as the little birds lullaby me to sleep, tweet, tweet, tweet.

By Elena, 2nd grade

One Response to “Secret Paradise”

  1. Nancy Barnhart

    Excellent, Elena! Beautiful writing. So much fun to see your name and story published on the blog!


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