When will it be my turn? When

will I have the last supper with the

rest of my family and loved ones?  When

will I have to face my enemies and

tell them, “I am ready to die and give

myself to the world.” When will I take

a stand?  When will I realize that I

must stand up for what I believe in,

despite how others may feel.  Am

I ready to die? Everyone lives their

life, day to day not thinking of how

to make their world better throughout

the day.  Do I want to study fashion?

How will going to Morehouse make me

happy?  What should I do today to

make myself happy? Why do I sing?

Who loves me? Why am I a social

whore? Why is it so hard for me to

cling to one person? Why do I suck

up? Why am I a hypocrite, am I

a hypocrite? Who am I? What is my

purpose in life, when will I

discover it?

By Andre, high school

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