She left me for another man
She took her stuff
And just left
I sat there and cried
She and I had so much time together.
She left me
I bought her shoes and food
And I bought her a house
There’s only one thing to do
Buy me another horse.

I had so much fun with my new horse
That I forgot about the
other horse
A week passed

And guess who I saw?
That’s right…She was back.
Clean broke
Skinny and shoeless
And I was happy to see it.
I said “Hey.”
“Hey,” I said.
She cried.

I told her,
“That’s what you get for leaving me.”
I was a good man and I told her,

by Carlester, 6th grade

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  1. mariacristina

    I really love how we don’t find out it’s a horse until later in the poem. The narrator shows a strong sense of self and confidence by not taking the fickle mare back. Very creative, and fun to read.


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