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The three youth poetry slams have produced 9 spoken word poets who will proceed to the Space City Grand Slam on April 26th, 2014. There are still 3 more opportunities to qualify for the big event . The top 6 of the Space City Grand Slam will become the 2014 MetaFour Houston slam team, and will compete and perform all over Texas, and will represent Houston at the Brave New Voices competition in Philadelphia.

The poetry slam preliminaries are for ages 13-19. Participants must recite or perform their own original poems and must attend the workshop prior to the slam in order to compete.  The next two competitions will be:

Saturn Slam, March 28th, 7pm Workshop, 7:45pm Slam @ Hope Stone, 1111 Van Buren

Neptune Slam, April 5th, 11am Workshop, 11:45am Slam @ Stella Link Neighborhood Library 7405 Stella Link

These events are free, and the public is welcome to attend.


photo by goodspero

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