Are you a kid in grades 6-12?  Do  you have smart ideas about how to save money and solve financial problems?

Answer the following question below in 300 words or less, and you may be named this year’s Money Smart Kid, winning a $5,000 scholarship and a chance to spend a year as Money Week Houston’s financial literacy ambassador. One middle school student and one high school student will be awarded scholarships!

The “Smart Kid” Essay Contest is aimed at helping students develop knowledge of economic and personal finance concepts, understand budgets and the importance of financial planning and become better prepared for their future roles as consumers, investors, and workers.

This Year’s Question Is…

The U.S. economy is currently facing significant challenges including falling home prices, reduced availability of credit, and increasing unemployment. Assume you are a financial advisor to a young adult who is just entering the workforce. What advice would you provide to the worker to survive these challenges and also to avoid repeating mistakes that others have made previously? Please provide specific examples.

For rules on how to submit your essay, visit the website.

Judges consider whether the student:

  • shows knowledge of money management skills (decision-making related to spending and saving, investing, use of credit, etc.) appropriate for their age and grade level
  • demonstrates how to practice good money management skills  in daily life

*Winners need to be able to speak in front of large groups and cameras and respond well to questions*

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