RRRRR – The Hulk

The Hulk’s hands are as hard as thunder.  The Hulk is so big that if he jumped on you, he would smash you so bad because he would crush you like a soft ball.  He can punch you with his pinky.  And when he has the advantage, he will slice your body in half.  He will scratch up your face, bite your legs off.  And when he RRR’s, he makes the world tumble.  He can manhandle you like it’s nothing in the world.  He can track you down, hunt you down, and rip up the whole country if he wanted to.  He can rip out your flesh and blood.  When someone touches him, you fly across the world.  He can cup stack buildings so fast that your eyes will roll back and forth.

He is the Hulk.

By Andrew, 4th grade

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