crowded smiles rise to the occasion:

mouth watering stories     generations of grace

marshall, texas unravels sweet aroma

moist pecan pie    fresh   cultivated

trailblazing hands of Bessie Hopkins with love

her sweetest gift and first love—-

Mack C. Hopkins—one of the first

African-American Valedictorians from Wiley College

memory sends crisp crumbs

twirling along the edge of swiveling lips

warm sunlight penetrates windowpanes

sheds light on the main course

one plump golden smoked turkey

topped with cornbread stuffing

crunchy green bean casserole

rich cranberry sauce

dessert deserving of a Poet—

pristine peach pie drizzled in cool whip cream

juicy cherry pie

a satisfying jolt

to Mack Hopkins, named for this father

joins The Tuskegee Airmen and

our gathered hearts

weds man and mission for the

famed 301st  fighter squadron: 

the 332nd fighter group

joins Pauline Hopkins’ hand in marriage

exceptional bliss

blesses heaven with Bessie Hopkins,

Mack C. Hopkins, and Pauline Hopkins

on November, 16, 1996 at the

age of 79

We celebrate the men and women

linking our lives to innovate spirit

We celebrate their sacrifices

swift determination     psalm

We celebrate to preserve    punctuate

press on

We celebrate collectively

the weight

for Bessie Hopkins, Mack C. Hopkins, Pauline Hopkins, & Mack Hopkins

By WITS Writer Delicia Daniels

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