One day I was babysitting my little cousins, Jahlil, Naigwan, Zayna and Elija. My uncles and aunts had gone to a movie. They didn’t want to take their children, so I had to baby-sit them which at first I didn’t think was a very good idea. It was going to be a long evening for me.

My little cousin Elija started to cry seconds after they left. I gave him his bottle of milk. My cousin, Naigwan, wasn’t doing anything but playing with his dumb wrestling toys. My cousin Zayna started to cry because Naigwan threw a toy at her. I gave Naigwan ‘time-out’ for 30 minutes as if she cared.

All of a sudden something hit my head like a rock. My baby brother had thrown his bottle at my head and started to jump up and down, crying.

“Oh brother,” I said as I picked up the bottle. I took him in my arms, sat on the couch and rocked him to sleep. Then they all started jumping on me until they fell asleep. I put them in the bedroom and turned on the television to relax for a minute. I flipped the channel to the Apollo Show.

When my aunt and uncle arrived, all the babies were asleep. They were impressed and gave me 40 crisped dollars! I went to the shopping mall the next day. I guess it was worth babysitting my bad little cousins. I told them, any time!

by Kristina, 4th grade

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