Florida, Summer ’09
San Destin. Morning. Peace upon the beach:
hundreds upon hundreds of chairs in the cool morning
sand, the sound of waves softly hitting the shore, out in
the clear blue water boats are riding around on the
smooth calm waves, the sun just rising above the horizon,
pink and red filling the sky. There are no clouds on
this peaceful morning. More boats appear.
The waves become violent.

By Jake, 14
[Photo by AR Nature via Flickr]

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  1. Aleem Abdul-Hakeem,

    This reminds me of the lazy summer days when my Dad
    whom I am named after used to take his family at the
    beaches in Atlantic City, Wildwoods, Ocean City Sea Isle
    New Jersey for a day of Picnic every weekend. We had
    lots of fun and sun. This is for my wonderful baby girl
    Aasiyah afectionatly know as [Asia]. Daddy loves and
    misses you very dearly.

    Speak to you soon
    Much Love,
    Your Father,
    Aleem Abdul-Hakeem


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