In front of me was a great big bear! He was brown and big and fluffy. As I rushed back to camp, the bear asked me a question and I thought, is it me? Or did that bear just speak? And he said, “Why does every person run away from me?”
And I said, “Well everybody thinks you’re scary.”
And the bear said, “Well, why do they think that?”
I said, “Well people think all bears are scary.”
Then the bear said, “Oh, now I understand.”
Then I said, “I have to go, or my parents will wake up.”
“Well, OK,” said the bear. “But come back tomorrow.”
The next day, my parents were already up making breakfast. I said to my parents,
“I have to go to the bathroom. OK?”
“OK,” said my parents.
I lied. I was going to see the bear. I met the bear in the middle of the woods.
“I was looking for my teddy bear last night,” I said to the bear. Then I looked in his armpit and guess what? He had my teddy bear. I screamed at the bear and started chasing him down all the way back to my… camp! My mother and father glanced at
me and said, “Why are you screaming? “That’s a bear, for crying out loud!” Then my parents got to their feet and started running. It was the best Christmas camp ever!

By Matilde, 2nd grade

Photo by Alain Limoges via Flickr

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