I am an only childvole-superman-vole-anahita-via-flickr.jpg

and there is no need for another

in America, Europe, Asia, Africa,

or any other place.

My eyelashes are worth millions,

and a piece of my skin would be worth billions.

My grades are fit for a museum,

and my report cards are solid gold.

I am King Tut and Sylvester Stallone

added together and multiplied

by a number so high,

it doesn’t even exist.

June is now considered

“the month of miracles”

because I was born that month.

If you were born the same year I was—1997—

you would be three times as fortunate

as if you won the lottery twice.

My face makes up two-thirds of the library

and four-fifths of the TV.

Every country begs for my presence

and when I come

they shower me with riches.

I’m definitely worth it,

and five billion times more!

I have so many talents,

not even the greatest math whiz

could count them all.

I know I’m the best,

and you know it, too,

even if you won’t admit it,

you know it is true!

by Andrew, 6th Grade

(The writing prompt for this lesson is “Ego Tripping” by Nikki Giovanni. For more about Nikki Giovanni, click here.)

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