To teach first graders about the simile, I brought in photographs and little figurines of cats. After I explained similes, the class practiced creating similes about cats out loud. I used the students’ verbal practice as a way to check their understanding. Sometimes students will suggest “I like the cat’s pillowy paws.” To that, I counter that we aren’t using the word “like” to describe what we enjoy about the cat. Then we could rearrange the sentence into: the cat’s paws are like small orange pillows. That’s a simile.

Before beginning the solo writing part of the workshop, I give each group of students a picture or figurine to help inspire their similes. I enjoyed the students’ poems, and I think you’ll agree they are the cat’s meow.

My Cat

My cat’s head looks round like a sun.

My cat’s ears look like a witch’s hat.

My cat’s eyes look like a hole.

My cat’s nose looks like an O.

My cat’s mouth looks like a wave.

My cat’s whiskers look like a stick.

My cat’s tail looks like a hook.

My cat’s legs look like an L.

My cat’s body looks like fur.

My cat’s neck looks like a heart.amy lin

By Kevin, First Grade

(photo by babykailan via flickr)

posted by Amy Lin, Writers in the Schools

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  1. Rachael

    thanx for that poem me bing a cat lover and all i just loved it and had to read it over and over again

    byes Rach was ere


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