Where I live is beautiful.
At night, it is horrible
because you see the trees with sun,
shining so bright,

but when the sun goes down,
the trees look like a scary person moving.

I live in the country
where the days are bright,
but when the sun goes down,
it looks so dark.

In the country
you hear the dogs barking,
but in the night,
you hear the wolves howling.
When they do that,
it frightens me.

In the country,
when it’s daytime,
I feel like playing with my friends
and with the dogs in the park,
but when the sun goes down and
the moon goes up,
the wolves howl,
and the trees look like men
walking down the street.

The leaves fall off
and look like ghosts.

Roberto, 10th Grade
Texas Children’s Hospital Renal Dialysis Unit

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