The deog is half deer and half hog.  It is an unusual animal because it has long antlers and a deer’s body, but its head is shaped like a hog’s.  The deog is light brown, and it is large, like the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.  The deog’s texture is nice and soft, like deer’s fur.  It has no special markings.  The deog lives in the woodlands of the United States.  Its legs are long like a deer’s so it can run quickly.  When it’s scared, it snorts and grunts like a hog.  The deog eats grass and corn if it can find it.  Its worst enemies are coyotes.  Its best friends are deer and hogs.

The story about how the deog was born goes like this.  One day a hunter went hunting and shot a hog and a deer.  Then some aliens came along and transformed the mess they found into a new animal and that’s why the deog lives today.

By Matthew, 4th grade

[art by David Moore]

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  1. Tumblewords

    Wow! There’s a little magic going on here! The reference to size and Volkswagen Beetle is fun and the entrance of aliens is a surprise!

  2. pieceofpie

    creativity and imagination is well and alive in a child’s mind… thank you, thank you, thank you… love the thought of aliens coming and transforming….


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