One day I had no idea where we were going in the car and my mom said it was a surprise. Then, almost twenty minutes later, we came to these big green spaces. They had white lines around them and only certain people could go inside them. Apparently, I was one of the people who could go inside the lines. Then my mom asked me to go meet a bunch of people gathered in the middle. I heard all these people saying my name and I had no idea who they were. Then I met this really tall guy that looked like he was eighteen feet tall. He said, “Feel the grass. It’s so soft.” I bent down and it really was soft and the air smelled really good because of the concession stand. Then I kicked something and it went into something that looked like a cave, but it was light inside. Then a crowd of people started cheering and another crowd of people were making a booing noise. After the surprise all the other people and I went over to have cake. The cake tasted like hot chocolate on a winter day. Then I went home tired and went to sleep.

By Madeline, 3rd grade

Photo by Jim Corwin via Flickr

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