soaring high flying zipping

happy to see each other soaring

flying zooming loop to loop

up and down left to right

soaring high diving

low flying by an

airplane red

and white


jumping high

into the

blue sky and

flying and

pushing the

white clouds

making each other happy

doing jokes on each other being

playful playing tag dodging

each other soaring

over the water

swoosh the

water hits

the boat



zooming high and low

food in the air bread

everywhere swooping

fast down and catching

the bread whooo

the birds swoop

down whooo


zooms down


snap the bread gobble

it up and flying away

stomachs full and

round resting for the next

day so they can play

By Colin, 3rd grade

[Photos by dcassaa, Apricot Cafe via Flickr]

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  1. Mrs. Wolterbeek


    Thank you for sharing your poem with us. It is a very nice poem. When I read it, I can see the seagulls flying and darting to catch the bread.

    Keep up the good work.

    Mrs. Wolterbeek


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