Mr. Silly was born on April Fools Day. He was not one of the brightest kids, but was the funniest. When he was born he jumped out at the doctor and peed on the doctor’s leg and laughed the whole time.

In his childhood he did stuff like put a whoopee cushion on his mom’s chair at a school meeting, threw bananas and watched people slip on them, wear suspenders and size 33 shoes, and set the record for hitting himself in the face with a racquet ball 346 times.

When he was old enough to get a car, he bought one and got the mechanics to put the controls in backwards. When you put it in drive, it went backwards and vice versa.

Once when he was about to drive he forgot about the way the controls work and the car went backwards and hit a cop car. He was arrested in front of his mom, but was laughing the whole time. Another time, he and his mom were driving and he got pulled over by a cop, and after he got his ticket he gave the officer a “drink.” In fact he sprayed him so much that his whole shirt was wet.

As an adult, Silly got married to a llama. They lived in Australia where he formed a band called The Day of the Llamas. His band only lasted a day because no one wanted to hear chew toys that squeaked.

At the end of his days, Silly was buried with a rubber chicken.

His tombstone said: “Forever Laughing with My Chicken.”

by Joshua, 6th grade

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