You are walking through the woods and you see a house. You do not know why it is there and what is inside, but there is something inside you that tells you, you must not enter. There is something else in you that tells you to enter; it could be an adventure.

So you decide to go in and you find the door open. You are a little scared. You go
in and you find chalk marks on the board and you try to erase them, but they do not erase. You look at them.

An hour passes and you are inspired. On one side, you find chalk and you begin to draw with it, and it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your entire life. You become famous. So you use chalk more, and all of the drawings you make are in that house. You continue to stay famous.

by Abigail, 3rd grade (inspired by Cy Twombly at the Menil Collection)

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