Desperate, like the wild coyotes,
As if they were coming toward me,
Tired people, seeing freedom
In the shape of a square,
Tasting freedom for the first time,
Smelling a long road ahead of them,
Hearing a cry of relief, “We made it!”
Their eyes were as cold as if they were eating
Antarctica. Maria tried to get to Texas.
Her eyes warmed as she saw the greenest grass.
Her arms shot up in the air.
Oye, chico. Yo creo que va star difícil para encontrar trabajo.
And because she said that, she luckily found a job.
She hears an English voice mumbling about the laws.
The red, white, and blue colors of freedom enlightened her.
Maria jumped into her puddle of tears.
Casper witnessed all of the emotional disruption form the quiet park.
Maria will be sent back to her home country, unfortunately.
Sadly, the greedy coyotes got to her before I could.
There’s a spider laying eggs in Maria’s heart.
The flag unhooks itself from the chain and vanishes.
Then the coyotes take them back to where they started.

By Jonathan, 7th grade
[photo by moira boyra via flickr]

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  1. susan

    Your students write amazing poetry. I want to know how they create poems with so much energy, clarity and power. Please share with Jonathon and them all that their work is not only impressive but inspiring.

  2. nakaja williams

    i love your poem it was so cool i wish i could write as good as you can writing is my dream but i ben working on poems and im gettin a head start but im starting off with maself so i can write about maself



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