It was a hot Saturday afternoon, and I was in the field. the earth was cracked from the sun. My teammates passed me the ball. I got nervous and started sweating. I could feel a drop of sweat dripping down my head. I started dashing toward the goalie, but their defense started to attack me. I did a 360 on them, and the crowd started cheering.

The goalie looked really angry, and ran towards me. He looked aggressive, like he was going to take me down. I got scared, but when I got closer to him, I picked up the ball with my foot. I imagined that when I kicked it, it would go really fast like lightning, so that the goalie would not see the ball. But I got so close that when I kicked the ball, it hit the pole, and the ball bounced back at me. My legs started to tremble, and my head began to explode, but I pulled myself together in a split second. So I kicked the ball again. This time I scored, and we won 1-0. It was a really good game.

by Mario, 6th grade

photo by videoal via flickr

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