Her view, apart from the rest of the
world, has never changed.
She paces back and forth,
waiting to be taken back,
waiting to be where she should belong.

She feels trapped
behind a clear glass,
in which everyone
is staring at her, moving freely to
wherever they like.

Her disappointed look
explains everything.
She used to be the head of the pride,
but now she’s headed towards a life
as blank as a page.

She longs to be free,
moving about the savanna
but every time the faces
appear pressed against the wall,
her desire has been washed away.

By Anushka, 7th grade
[photo by MShades via flickr]

3 Responses to “The Lioness”

  1. karen crone


    I couldn’t name that look on her face, but you’re right. It does seem like disappointment.

    Keep writing!


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