my-lilliput-by-shotbart-via-flickr.jpgOnce upon a time there was a little boy sailing through the water. He was sailing to a place where little people lived. They were kind. The little boy who was sailing was trying to find a place where there were little people and houses. They had to find their own food. There was nothing but grass. If I had been them, I would have found that boy.

They had to make their own clothes. The little boy had some blue pants, a shirt and shoes. Ants were marching by as they got their food. He saw the little people, but he really wanted to see their king. His hair was black, and his socks were blue. He really wanted to see the king because he wanted to ask him a question: Why do people have to look for their food? The little boy sang a song that is called, “I Wish I Could Help.” The birds were chirping and singing. The birds were blue, as blue as his shoe.

by Ambreia, 2nd Grade

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