On a sunny savannah land,
A giraffe has a friend,
One big fat hippo,
Both sit down in the sun that glows.

Exhausted and tired, from playing all around,
The giraffe stands up and hears a soft sound,
It goes to the jungle, and into the trees,
And now the giraffe must leave to see.

He follows the sound,
And looks all around,
But now, uh oh, he’s lost in the trees,
Now in the jungle; it’s too dark to see.

The lost giraffe must find his way out,
But first he must know what the sound is about,
He looks high and low, but no luck here,
The sound, hooray! It’s back in his ear!

Now the lost giraffe knows, the sound is a hiss!
He might have had an idea of what it is,
A slithery figure comes at his feet,
The lost giraffe sees he has to flee.

After realizing he’s gone,
The big hippo knows something’s wrong,
For the giraffe is missing,
Because he had heard the hissing.

The hippo told the giraffe’s parents,
And they stopped running their errands,
They can’t find him, oh how sad can they be,
The giraffe was missing, and nowhere to be seen.

The lost giraffe ran with all his might,
But now, hoorah!  He sees a dim light,
The lost giraffe is happy again,
He thinks, he will, he knows, he can!

The lost giraffe saw his home,
And saw his father, who had let out a groan,
The lost giraffe was lost no more,
He let out a mighty, happy roar.

The found giraffe had a party in his savannah,
There were lots of balloons and a big piñata,
The found giraffe was very happy,
He had lots of fun with his friends and family.

By Alejandro, 5th Grade

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