Mr. Happy was born on April 1st, and everyone said he was a joyful baby who laughed a lot. His favorite food as a kid was pancakes made in the shape of smiley faces and Fruit Loops. During the day he liked to spray water on people and work on his comics and cartoons. He told jokes to whoever would listen.

When Mr. Happy got older, he moved to a house on Go Lucky Lane. Why? Because he married a woman named Ms. Down. Luckily, Mr. Happy never got depressed being around Mrs. Down. Every day he woke up in a good mood. He drove his little matchbox car to the circus where he worked as a clown. He loved hanging out with his best friend Crusty. They bounced around, laughing and making noises like, “beep, beep, vroom, vroom.” For lunch they ate loads of Laffey Taffey. Afterwards they practiced tumbling and juggling.

At home in the evening Mr. Happy always watched America’s Funniest Home Videos. Then he watched Simpsons and Family Guy. When he got tired, he usually listened to some music. His favorite song was “Joy to the World.”

–a collaborative story by Trevor, Megan, and Patricia, high school patients at TIRR


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