One day there was a garage sale, and there were 6 puppies for sale. One of them was white, one was black, one was brown, one was brown and white, one was black and white, and one was black and brown. All of them were sold by 5 p.m., except for one little puppy who never got picked. He wanted a home so the garage owner said, “Go find a home,” and he let him go. The puppy looked all around town, and finally, he saw a man and his wife, with 2 kids, and a mama dog. The puppy ran up to play with the mama dog, and the family saw the puppy and decided to adopt him. They took him home and named him Weasel because he loved to chase his tail. It was the perfect family for him.

By Leslie, age 9
[photo by nature visions via flickr]

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