I have visited a place where the sky is cloudy, and the ocean is calm. The strange thing was that there was only one rock about three miles tall. I couldn’t understand why it was there, just one single rock, alone. Until one day I got up the courage to climb that single rock.

It was about midday by the time I climbed to the top. I sat and dreamed the whole time. It was about time to go home when I saw the light, the northern lights. Then I realized that it wasn’t why this rock was put here but why it was put here alone.

The rock became my favorite place to go and get away from the real world and just be me. Even when I did not see the lights I could still dream about them and also other things. In my dreams I found other living presences. In my dreams, the others give me clues as to who they are. The last dream I had before I discovered it was the spirits of the people who would come here and do the same as me.

by Robin, 7th Grade

(Photo provided by Flickr)

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